This is my story...I love to share conversations and listen to stories. I find that through conversations I learn things about my artwork from other interpretations and emotional responses. Sometimes I am inspired by my travels and other times by everyday life.
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My Art Style has developed from a
lifelong passion for creativity and a
background focusing on precision
working as an Architectural Drafter
on the Drawing Board and as a
This has helped to develop a bold
distinctive artistic style.

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How to start a business you’re passionate about

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My Art Series

My story is long and varied and I have many creative interests. I react to my life through my art and at the present time I am working on three different subject matter:
Series 1: Paintings which reflect my lifelong love of the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
Series 2: Paintings inspired by some the original drawings of my year of Art Conversations with 320 of Van Gogh’s paintings.
Series 3: Unique Art Designs which have also inspired an illustrated Children’s Story Book.

My Art Series 1: Northern Beaches

I was born in Sydney and grew up on the beautiful Northern Beaches. These paintings are a love series for me and express the connection I have always felt with the area. Whenever I was feeling troubled I would go down to the beach, walk with my feet in the sand and the water and explore the rock pools and soak in the steady visuals of the amazing sandstone rock formations. My mood would always lighten as if I had absorbed messages. I hope these images can convey this feeling to you as well as my intense love of the natural environment.

‘Wave Rock’

Acrylic on Canvas

76cm x 90cm

‘Essence of Beach’

Acrylic on Canvas

76cm x 90cm

My Art Series 2: Art Conversations With Van Gogh

I engaged in an Art Conversation with a new work by Vincent Van Gogh each day for 320 days, creating my own personal interpretation in my bold colourful Art style of an aspect of each work. During the year I found Van Gogh’s strong compassion for his fellow man inspiring and gave insight to his life and times. By doing a drawing each day I began to feel connected to the spirit and energy that enabled him to be so prolific during his short artistic career. In all he painted 800 paintings over ten years beginning at the age of 27 until his death at 37 in 1890.

There is a selection of the artworks available to print on canvas, paper or fabric, or other objects.

I am currently working on transposing more of my drawings into paintings on canvas which are available to purchase.


              ‘Garden Colour’

                  ‘Vase with iris’

                              ‘Sunrise Chair’

My Art Series 3: Unique Art Designs

These images are inspired by the fabric on my reading glasses case.
By focusing on elements of this fabric design I made a detailed A4 drawing using coloured pencils. I then focused on small sections of this very complex design and each one of these very unique Artworks emerged. This is what I call my ‘Contemporary Intuitive Drawing Process.’



                  ‘Fast Forward’


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