Inspiration making dreaming possible

This photograph was taken on a meeting with family at our hometown beach of Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

What does Freedom mean to you? Freedom makes dreaming possible.

The word evokes many different images depending on your present circumstances.

To some in many areas of the world it is an unattainable dream. Living in Melbourne over the last couple of years has been really difficult and we have

lived through many extended lockdowns due to the spread of the Covid virus. The lockdowns compromised our freedom in many ways. It has

impacted our freedom of movement consequentially causing travel restrictions within our country as well as to overseas. Despite these new-found

freedoms there is still a lot of anxiety about feeling comfortable in social situations.

It has made it very difficult as an artist to to build a real life public profile as galleries and face to face gatherings have been very few and far between


What’s been Happening?

Fortunately between lockdowns I was able to have 3 of my paintings included in an Art Exhibition at the Louis Joel Art Gallery in Altona, situated in

Melbourne’s Hobsons Bay area. One of them is a new painting in my Northern Beaches Series which is inspired by my love of this area of Sydney

where I grew up. This particular painting ‘Connect’, is inspired by details of photographs taken on a meeting with close family at our hometown beach

of Dee Why. The theme of the Exhibition was  ‘Freedom’ which to me means the freedom to travel, to connect with family and friends and to spend

time near water, especially the ocean which holds great emotional memories for me. As a result it reminds me of my childhood, notably the love of

family and also when life was full of possibilities. It is nice to have these memories to keep us cheerful while we couldn’t see family and friends  in


Freedom makes dreaming possible!  I am dreaming of a more connected 2022.

Finished Artwork: dreaming of freedom

Title: ‘Connect’

Finished Artwork 'Connect'

Acrylic Paint on Canvas
by Lana Levi
Size: 13cm x 180cm


Art Process in Studio


Art Process in Studio

I will explain my Art Process.

Firstly I focused on a small detail of the photograph,

something spoke to me that gave me familiar feelings and memories of swimming in the Ocean as a child.

Secondly  I drew it in my Art Journal with pencil and next coloured it with coloured pencils.

Thirdly the image was then transferred to the canvas with tracing paper.

In the last part of the process I painted it with Acrylic Paint.