Artwork ‘Illusion’ by Lana Levi

Below: Original drawing for Artwork ‘Illusion’ by Lana Levi

Inspiration ‘Self Portrait’ 1887 by Vincent Van Gogh

Art Conversations with Van Gogh
I was given a calendar of Van Gogh Paintings, the type that you tear of at the end of each day. It was a Van Gogh painting I could not throw it away! I pasted them in my Art Journal and began to do a drawing each day inspired by the painting. This became my ‘Art Conversations with Van Gogh.’
Each day we are given the opportunity to see life through new eyes, we are given something to ponder from which we can learn and grow. I realized I could incorporate lessons I learnt about his bold use of colour, shaped and subject matter, in my own style while still honouring his original Artworks.
Each day I waited to see what spoke to me, what to focus on, a feeling. A colour, the shapes, or the line work. Sometimes I chose to do something completely different such as to place flowers on the vase instead of inside the vase or to do a portrait without features. I did not want to copy the artworks, but for it to be an interpretation after a communication.
My Process:
• Firstly, a pencil drawing in my Art Journal which I coloured with pencils.
• Next, I traced the image onto white card to make a finished Artwork using felt-tip pens with a bold colour palette and a black outline.
• The image was then scanned and edited in Photoshop to be print ready.