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Lana Levi Resident Artist at focus fun art

I am a former Architectural Drafter now practicing as a Contemporary Visual Artist in Melbourne, Australia.

For me, Art is about a Visual Conversation with each other and with Artworks.

Art is a Universal language and is a way for us to relate to one another and helps us deal with life’s challenges, from the simple everyday things that are thrown at us, to the most eye opening, life changing events.

My Art tells stories through imagery expressed in colours and patterns with inspiration, imagination and adventure.

My Art aims to bring optimism to all.

Are you looking for a heartfelt gift for Mother’s Day?

Almonds flower early in Spring and are regarded as symbolising awakening, hope, new growth and nurturing. This is what we feel from the Mother/Caregiver people in our lives and this Artwork would make a perfect gift.

Which mum are you buying for?


The art lover, this would make a beautiful art print.

The coffee/tea drinker, how about a mug.

The exceptional chef, maybe a gorgeous apron

The writer, a journal or notebook

The décor Queen, cushions

The sporty mum, t-shirts, hoodies

You will find all of these items available in my red bubble shop. Simply click the link below to visit the “Almond Blossom” page.


‘Almond Blossom’ by Lana Levi

The Art Gallery

‘Wave Rock’   (Original Artwork)

‘Got My Eye On You’   (Red Bubble)



‘Bridge Reflections’   (Red Bubble)

‘Illusion’   (Red Bubble)

‘Contemplation’   (Red Bubble)

‘Sunrise Chair’   (Red Bubble)


‘Garden Colour’   (Red Bubble)

Choose Artworks that inspire you and lift your mood

Option 1

Original Artwork


Option 2

Print on Canvas or Paper


Option 3

Print on Fabric, Clothing, Objects, Accessories


Focus Fun Art

is dedicated to making a difference and has chosen Option 2 & 3 to be available through Red Bubble, a Print on demand (P.O.D) business.

It is a sustainable and socially conscious marketplace for independent Artists unique designs to be printed as you order them on high-quality, everyday products.

This P.O.D model is efficient and low waste compared to the traditional retail product.

Direct from the manufacturer to the customer means less miles/km travelled and 95% of packages originate from the region where the orders are placed.

Redbubble also partners with energy specialists, investing in programs that help the environment and offset the carbon emissions from shipping products. They require all of their third-party printers and manufacturers to abide by the FLA Code of Conduct, so you get products that are made by people working in humane conditions.

Let Art Inspire You!

During Van Gogh’s life he struggled with his spirituality and his place in the world.

It was difficult for him to communicate the great empathy he felt for others, so he expressed it all through art.

For a time, I was going through many emotional challenges so I began a daily ritual I called ‘Conversations with Van Gogh’s Art’. Every day I chose a different Van Gogh painting to inspire me and then created my own interpretation.

This process became like a daily meditation that helped me through my emotional ups and downs. Three hundred and twenty paintings later, I was feeling a renewed sense of peace and accomplishment.

If you, like me, have struggled, felt alone, felt stuck in some way, and would like to be inspired,  join me to discover my daily interpretation process of where you will receive new knowledge and inspiration, all your own.

I believe together we can help each other through, just like Van Gogh helped me, perhaps I can help you too.

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I look forward to continuing the Art Conversation with you.

Lana Levi

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